Gina Gratza, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | Psychedelic Facilitator | Researcher | Coach
Portland OR
My role as a therapist is to provide a safe and trusting container for clients to feel as though they can fully be themselves, without fear of judgement. I work in a relational manner that is seeking connection and presence with each client. I utilize mindfulness, bringing awareness to what is happening in the now, alongside somatic practices to bring attention to the sensations in the body and the wisdom of our emotions. There are also elements of psychoeducation in my practice around trauma, emotions and our many parts of the Self. In my practice we may incorporate experiential exercises that mix up the traditional talk therapy format into something broader to build different neural pathways of exploring the whole self. Ultimately, clients guide the sessions and I am there as a support to hold a mirror for and move in the direction that their goals and focus take us. **Oregon Psilocybin Therapy Update** I am currently offering psilocybin services at in Portland, Oregon at Chariot for individual/ group sessions and at InnerTrek Services. If you want to work with me, I will first request you to make a consult session with me to assess fit. Then we will have an intake and preparation session(s) to determine fit and readiness. Please visit my website for more information: In 2023, Oregon will be the first state in the nation to begin offering psilocybin services to people in state approved facilities by state licensed and trained facilitators. There are a variety of psilocybin training programs operating currently to train and prepare future facilitators to sit alongside individuals seeking this medicine. Stay tuned for more to come as the state approves manufacturers, facilities and facilitators. To learn more, please follow the Oregon Health Authority:
Hi! I’m Gina Gratza With a master's degree in counseling, I've spent over a decade supporting individuals, couples, and families through the complexities of trauma, fractured relationships, and personal transformation - helping them forge healthier connections with themselves and others. My journey in mental health and wellness has led me to specialize in psychedelic-assisted facilitation, deeply influenced by my work with individuals facing trauma and eating disorders. This experience not only broadened my understanding of various healing modalities but also highlighted the transformative impact of psychedelics on PTSD and grief. In recent years, my expertise in psychedelic-assisted facilitation has deepened through training with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies and the Polaris Insight Center for Ketamine. These experiences have been instrumental in honing my skills and broadening my perspectives. Additionally, my role as Program Coordinator and Lead Educator at InnerTrek has allowed me to contribute significantly to the field of psilocybin facilitation, nurturing future facilitators and expanding the scope of holistic healing practices. I am also a Research Study Therapist with the Social Neuroscience and Psychotherapy Lab at The Portland VA. I'm a woman, a seeker, a playful dancer, a lifelong student, and a poet, continuously moving toward my authentic Self.
Preparation/ Integration online groups- InnerTrek- Oregon approved Psilocybin Facilitator Training Program