Ginger Cloud, LADC, LCMHC

Licensed Mental Health and Addictions Counselor
Barre VT
Ginger co-creates therapeutic experience with clients through mindful engagement and exploration of ways to tap into the presence moment. We get curious about your life path and attempt to learn from your past to transform your future.
Ginger Cloud is a compassionate licensed clinical mental health and addiction counselor, with over a decade of experience in the field. As a visionary, she excels in program development, implementation, and assessment, creating effective and meaningful therapeutic interventions. Certified as a provider of psychedelic-assisted therapy, Ginger is dedicated to supporting individuals on their path to mental wellness, offering innovative and evidence-based treatment options. She operates a part-time private practice, providing a secure and welcoming space for clients to embark on their personal growth, healing, and self-discovery journey. Committed to holistic mental health care, Ginger encourages individuals to connect with their inner healing intelligence, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives and reduce the burdens of mental health challenges.
Guided meditation, deep relaxation, bilateral sensorimotor art therapy, Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, integration therapy and more.