Gloria the Therapist, LCSW

Lakeland FL
During our first meeting, you will have an opportunity to share with me whatever has prompted you to see start working with a therapist. Understand that there is no such thing as an unimportant reason to start therapy. If it is on your mind, then it matter. That is the jumping off point that allows us to identify what goal you would like to work toward. I ask a lot of questions to make sure I stay on YOUR page. I give a lot of education so you can assess your choices from an informed point of view. You will usually leave a session with homework. Therapy happens in an office but change happens in your life. The homework is usually action based, applicable to your life, and gives you information to think about as you continue your therapy journey.
You are feeling like you have lost control over your life. You look around and it seems like all your choices are being made for you and when you try to go after what you want, you feel defeated before you can even take the first step.
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Sessions (Individual and Group formats) 6 Hour Intensives 3-6 Day Group Retreats RTM Protocol Hypnotherapy Sessions Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Strategic Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy are my default mode, with strong integration of psychoeducation. Specialties include Certification in the RTM Protocol to address acute PTSD symptoms. Clinical Sexology with interest in assisting with sexual dysfunction, sexual trauma, ethical non-monogamy and kink awareness All forms of relationship dynamic dysfunction (parent/child, intimate partners, family and friends, coworkers, organization)