Grace Guffey, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Orlando FL
An anxious attachment style is a culmination of self-protective behaviors that overcompensate for unresolved traumas. These behaviors are based in a fear of rejection or abandonment, that make it really difficult to feel secure in any relationship. Attachment-based therapy helps you address these behaviors by rebuilding trust, expressing your emotions, and changing your relationship with vulnerability.
You deserve to feel good enough. You also deserve peace of mind from self-doubt and insecurities. But most of all, you deserve healthy relationships. For most of your life, you’ve feared being your true, authentic self… Avoiding rejection by pushing others away, which is the very thing that you don’t want! You want to feel worthy of love. To feel secure in your relationships… To be vulnerable without fear… You don’t have to be alone anymore. The road to self-love starts out messy but I’ll be by your side the whole time. And as I teach you how to live and love mindfully, you will finally be free.
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