Graydon Clipperton, MEd, ICADC

Certified Clinical Counselor
Alliston ON
I have decades of life experience and meeting challenges that have added richness to any work you and I may do. I've been in dark places, subtle unhealthiness and struggled with lifestyle changes. We are all complicated humans doing the best we can, and I can offer my counselling skills to support your relief from suffering and attain your new goals.
I was first trained as a counsellor in 1979 and have worked for decades with people of all ages needing relief from stress due to anxiety, depression, addiction and mental health issues. No matter how big or small your issues appear today, please reach out for support. Email me with your phone number!
Integration is an area that many psychedelic practices leave open. I believe that we need to have guidance to better integrate the experience from psychedelics into our regular daily lives. This takes time, support and effort, and other life issues can be challenging. I work with you to transform the experience and increase the value of your learning into your life.