Greg Bodin, LMFT

San Francisco CA
Both psychedelic preparation and integration focus on how to create experiences that benefit you and help you meet your goals and move your life in a meaningful direction. Preparation work starts with identifying what outcomes you would like to gain from psychedelic work. This can include identifying material you would like to explore and areas where you hope to gain insight. It can also be about setting intentions for the work and what would feel meaningful for you. Integration work is about creating a space to process your experiences, explore what is meaningful in them, and identify ways to take insights you've gained and apply them to your daily life and relationships. As a trauma therapist, I am also able to support clients who have had challenging psychedelic experiences. EMDR and other trauma treatments can help you process difficult material and build more adaptive memories.
I'm a San Francisco psychotherapist who specializes in treating anxiety and trauma. I focus on how you can build a life that is rich and meaningful while supporting you in healing and reducing struggle with painful thoughts, emotions, and memories.
Individual therapy for psychedelic preparation and integration. Trauma therapy for challenging experiences.