Greg Mendoza, LCSW-R

Clinical Social Worker
New York City NY
I work with my psychotherapy patients at minimum of once weekly, but sometimes more frequently if necessary or desired. In my clinical work I've found that Ketamine-Assisted psychotherapy is most transformative and impactful if undertaken in the context of an ongoing therapeutic relationship. For this reason I prefer not to do ad-hoc KAP, but I do provide preparation and integration sessions on an ad-hoc basis for people doing self-guided medicine work or ceremonial medicine work with any plant or fungal medicine. I also have a passion for couples work and have found that helping partners understand each other and their patterns in a new way can be liberating and invigorating. Sometimes medicine sessions with a couple can help partners access a well of love and appreciation for each other that was previously blocked due to chronic disappointment, frustration and disconnection.
I became a therapist because I truly love people. Getting to know someone deeply and accompanying them through the complexities of the human experience is my passion. In my time on earth I hope to have a positive impact, and I seek to do this first and foremost by fostering a deeply felt care, compassion and openness in all my relations. I came to psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and integration work through personal work. My experiences with non-ordinary states of consciousness have been deeply moving and transformative, and I continue to find these experiences to be a source of mystery, guidance and healing. In psychotherapy so much of the work we do is about increasing mindfulness, psychological flexibility and shifting one's perspective or system of meaning. Psychedelic medicines are a natural fit for therapy because of how well they facilitate each of those mental changes. When I am not engaged in therapeutic work I enjoy spending time in the sun and water, cooking, moving, laughing with friends and family, playing with my children, and trying to be more like them.