Gregory Loewen, DO

Gregory M. Loewen DO
Amherst NY
I meet with clients to explore their goals for treatment; I review their medical and psychiatric history and provide a medical examination for medical clearance. As a prescriber, I link with the referring therapist for KAP for treatment planning. I also personally provide KAP in my office, and also provide integration sessions afterward.
I am a physician licensed to practice medicine in New York, and am board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary disease and critical care. I also completed a year of psychiatry training and I have practiced for 30 years in the field of pulmonary disease with expertise in helping patients with addiction, and with supporting those with terminal illness. I grew up as an adopted person and have faced trauma, attachment issues, and my own addiction (with 30 years of recovery) in my personal life; my life has been changed by the experiential therapy. I trained as a Shadow Work therapist, and published the book, “The Unexplored Room” about experiential therapy and the human shadow.
I provide medical clearance consultations for ketamine, and I am a prescriber for ketamine assisted psychotherapy; I provide prescription support for therapists who offer KAP. I also provide KAP to clients, which includes a preparation session, a KAP session, and integration session(s). I provide follow up consultation visits for ketamine dose adjustment. I also provide NYS medical marijuana authorization for patients with panic or anxiety symptoms from PTSD.