Gregory Tilden, LMFT, MA

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Windsor CA
I work with clients by first creating a safe relational container for the therapeutic relationship to form. I embody curiosity, warmth, and genuine openness in regards to understanding what's important in a client's life, and I help them clarify and develop their intentions for our work together. Whether I am working with clients on preparation, integration, KAP sessions, or humanistic psychotherapy, I hold space for the client to find their own inner wisdom. I shine a flashlight on client insights through attuned listening, and aim to help clients feel empowered as they journey through life. I like to provide the client with practical tools on a weekly basis, to help hold them accountable to their own growth, while also holding an openness to discuss what works best for a client's individual style of healing.
My name is Gregory Tilden, and I'm a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the state of California. As a lifelong classically-trained trumpet player, I learned a lot about the value of deep listening and attunement to rhythms, flows, and spaciousness. The same philosophy that playing music helped shape in me is now something I apply to my work as a therapist. While I began my studies at a music conservatory, the competition of classical music dissuaded me from wanting to pursue this as a career. I knew that I wanted to help people discover themselves and come into new levels of self-empowerment, so I began that journey by finishing my undergraduate studies with a degree in Philosophy & Religion, taking classes such as Intro to Mysticism and Religion & Depth Psychology, which opened up my viewpoint to consider becoming a therapist. After moving across the country to study at CIIS for graduate school, I am grateful to now be able to serve broader communities of people, to help them explore and understand the deepest parts of themselves. To help them integrate their traumas and live a life that feels aligned and whole, gives me a sense of purpose. In particular, I specialize in my work with young adults, adolescents, survivors of abuse, adoptees, and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. You can learn more about me over at my website,