Guy Sapirstein, PhD

Clinical Psychologist
Boston MA
My work is both holistic and systemic: the whole person and their environment. I also have experience in making sense of diagnostic testing in complex cases, and helping families coordinate care between professionals, agencies, etc. I also offer psychedelic integration following experiences ("trips") on psychedelics/entheogens (eg. Psilocybin, MDMA, LSD). I am offering Ketamine Assisted Therapy in the Boston area and in the Berkshires.
People come to see me when they feel stuck and have had enough. I help parents help their children; help couples and families get closer and happier; and in general help people successfully resolve issues such as: stress, anxiety, adjustment to new life circumstances (relocation, family changes), relationship issues (divorce, extra-marital affairs, conflict), and dealing with difficult family members. I work with individuals and families dealing with medical conditions that can be affected by stress (Gastrointestinal issues, pain, sleep disturbances). I also work with people interested in specific skill building such as: stress/anxiety management, assertiveness and dealing with conflict, communication, and more.