Hallie Swan, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Red Lodge MT
I bridge traditional trauma and relational therapy with the wisdom of age-old, earth-based spiritual traditions and nonduality. I know that as a product of trauma, and of conditioning in our very dysfunctional society, we can get stuck in belief systems and habit patterns that keep us very small, shut down, and unable to access the full breadth of our power and potential. This keeps us from experiencing the beauty and bounty that is innate to us and the world around us. With my therapy training, I hold a strong container of professionalism, clinical insight, healthy boundaries, and safety to tend to the trauma needs of my client. At the same time, I maintain the perspective of them as a spiritual being, whose soul transcends even the densest of our material, and trauma laden-world. In my work with clients, we straddle these aspects of self: working with more acute trauma, and also, as clients are ready, venturing beyond conventional perceptions of reality. I am happy and excited to guide clients in discovering their more expanded, connected, and integral nature, helping familiarize them with the resources that abide beyond the material realm, and helping them discover a sense of belonging and self-actualization amongst all these forces. I work somatically, which means that I work primarily by drawing clients’ attention to their body, and helping them become aware of the unconscious feelings, memories, and associations that live there. Accessing this can liberate a wealth of life force energy, and help us grow in to more dynamic beings with more choice and range of motion in how we think and experience this Great Mystery. By way of the body, we move in to the present moment, and overcome the thought patterns we were trapped in, to come in to new, creative ways of being. I hold my work in the context of ceremony, with respect and reverence to the ancestors, the earth spirits, and all the forces that guide and support us.
My soul was activated, one could say, by my own first psychedelic experience in 2010. That day I made the decision to devote the rest of my life to what I had experienced that day. This led me down a path of spiritual exploration and self-inquiry, including eventually getting trained as a psychotherapist. It is a path that I still walk today, ever the insatiable student of life and consciousness! It is an honor and a privilege to hold space for others as they uncover the full expression of themselves. And as such, I have an undying respect and gratitude for the plant teachers. Today I have a psychospiritual counseling practice where I invite clients to experience their consciousness through direct, embodied experience. This may involve creative exercises, exploration in nature, or ritual. I often hold individual and group work on my land. There are several populations/ issues I particularly love working with: helping people empower themselves and find their voice, working with survivors of sexual trauma, expanded sexuality and sexual diversity, and helping people uncover and step in to their soul’s calling. In addition to my traditional therapy training, my life and work draw from indigenous wisdom that stewards of various traditions have been gracious enough to share with me, my continued practice of nondual meditation, energy medicine, and metaphysics. My work is also influenced by my years of work as a mentor for transition-aged youth, which incorporated collectivist approaches to resourcing, restorative justice, and initiatory rites of passage. My work is grounded in the context of us as a collective part of the human family, and the whole web of life. I hold being in right relationship with community and the natural world as core therapeutic tenants. This involves decolonizing our psyches and hearts, to feel the whole world kin, to be in reciprocity, and to discover the medicine that all life forms have to offer us. This approach takes in to consideration the whole being as a multifaceted organism, not as a human separate from nature. My work is invariably feminist, social and earth justice-oriented, and Earth-honoring.