Hannah Ben Yehuda, LMFT

Licensed Family Therapist
Fuengirola MA
We always start with creating a family map, visualising the system the person is a part of. From there the process centers around the present, the past, and the goal of the patient. Before continuing we always make sure that the present situation is safe and nurturing enough for the patient to go through with a therapeutic process. The therapeutic process can be likened to peeling an onion. We peel layer by layer, allowing for healing and change to occur at a natural pace. Psilocybin is introduced at a stage when it is most benefiacial. As balance and healing is achieved it is mirrored in changes in the patients life. Relationship with self, self care, relationships with others, priorities and choices. There is a constant interplay between intellectual/emotional realization and the experience of the effects of the change in the patients life. As the process continues we work on connecting and unifying all systems with the desired outcome, nurturing a sense of accomplishment and pride. As each individual is unique so is each process with regards to pace, structure and execution.
I have worked with people my whole life in various settings. I am fortunate to have been exposed to different cultures, religions and world views from a young age which has enriched me as a person and as a proffessional. After studying social work I worked as a councelor in a cancer ward. The experience opened me up to exploring the body/mind connection and searching for healing practices rather than symptom management which lead me to study various healing techniques and integrate them in my clinical work. After many years of practicing in a clinical setting I realized that although therapy in itself is a powerful tool it was just not enough in many cases, especially for people with complex traumas and chronic issues. My frustration over the lack of help I could offer led me to psilocybin assisted therapy and opened a new world of possibilities for me and my patients. Today I combine psilocybin, bodywork and lifestyle changes in my therapy and the changes I see in my patients is profound and extremely gratifying for me as a professional.
I offer integration programs for individuals, couples and groups. The traditinal integration program is centered around the psychedelic experience, what led up to it and insights going forward. We focus on how the psychedelic experience and the insights gained from it can serve as a vehicle for change. These programs are always tailored to meet the unique needs of the participants. Integration programs are also offered in combination with family reconstruction, a deeply transformative process where we reconnect and heal family patterns. The psychedelic experience is integrated into the process, enhancing and deepening the experience. I also offer one on one therapy and guidance sessions, before and after a psychedelic experience. The sessions can be held online (not family reconstruction) or at our mountain retreat in Costa del Sol, Spain. Prices range from 100 eur/session to 1250 eur for a whole day program including room and meals.