Hannah Frankel, LCSW

Austin TX
I like clients who are their own people–we might get along if you're rebellious, nerdy, or like to question social norms. I work with clients to identify their areas of concern and then alternate between zooming in to change patterns using practical strategies, and pulling back to see them in larger existential narratives that help you know yourself and your values. If we work on issues regarding substance use, I use a harm reduction model that sees engagement with substance on a continuum from healthy and acceptable use to chronic abuse. I will not lecture you or expect abstinence to be the only appropriate goal. I am trained in EMDR therapy for trauma and negative core beliefs. I am LGBTQIA friendly, open-minded, and affirming of diverse lifestyles and identities.
Everything all f*cked up? Maybe you can't figure out whether to change careers or just clean the house. Some days you're not sure you want to get out of bed. You need help finding a way forward, and that's where I come in.
In addition to individual therapy for adults and adolescents, I also have several supportive group therapy options. I find group to be an excellent addition that helps people create community around mental health, as well as improve their awareness of and implement change to relational patterns in a safe and gentle context.