Healing Realms

San Francisco CA
We offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) in a comfortable, safe, private office setting. Our therapists/guides and prescribers work collaboratively to offer medical monitoring alongside transformative methods of depth-oriented and somatic psychotherapy. We use a range of dosing and route of administration strategies to tailor a personalized approach for each client. In our practice, ketamine is administered by either IM or sublingual routes, and can be given in one or subsequent doses as determined by client needs. We offer KAP to individuals, couples, and groups. We are influenced by transpersonal perspectives and Internal Family Systems models of psychotherapy, and make use of ritual and ceremony in our work, as we have found that these techniques can evoke powerful psychosomatic healing processes that aid recovery. We also integrate body-centered practices involving our certified massage therapist and/or sound healing interventions that facilitate healing trauma and processing altered state experiences. This can be quite helpful for people with treatment-resistant mental health concerns, as well as those without major diagnoses who are interested in gaining greater insight into themselves and their connection to life. We also offer psychedelic integration-focused psychotherapy, somatic bodywork services, and integrative psychiatry as standalone services. Our providers specialize in supporting the LGBTQQIAAP, queer, poly, gender non-conforming and kinky communities, and hold our services within a social justice framework.