Heather Huffman, LCSW

Denver CO
I believe that it is time to move on from the medical model of 60 minute sessions. I offer open blocks of time to process your trauma at your own pace when utilizing EMDR or psychedelics. This way we can complete our goal for the session instead of having to "wrap things" up and contain until our next meeting. We will create a treatment plan that works for you for time and frequency.
Heather is the founder of Free Yourself, LLC! She has been in private practice since 2015. About me: In our society, many of us are never taught how to express our thoughts and emotions in a healthy way. We're told to just "get over it" or "suck it up." We start to think that emotions are bad, especially distressing ones such as depression or anxiety. But emotions are our friends! Yes, even depression and anxiety. They serve as warnings about our environment, to activate the fight, flight, freeze response to keep us safe. But without the ability to process and release these helpful emotions, they get "stuck" and become maladaptive and overwhelming. We can experience panic, helplessness, hopelessness, and difficulty with impulse control. Happiness is the journey - not the end destination. There might be days you won't want to come to session. There might be days when you just want to give up. I get it. My ideal client understands that change takes time, patience, and practice.