Heather Smith, LPC

Life Transformation Guide
Asheville NC
My core approach is from an IFS (Internal Family Systems) lens. This includes trusting your inner wisdom (Self) as the healing agent for the parts of yourself that have become burdened through the course of your life experiences. As you (the expert of your own being) come into greater connection and relationship with these parts of yourself you organically find greater compassion and understanding for why you feel, react, and repeat difficult patterns. This approach to working with your biographical material brings you into greater harmony and love for yourself. It raises your conscious awareness of yourself (like looking in a mirror more clearly) and allows you to shift into living your greatest potential; the most true you. Welcome home.
I am a Certified IFS Therapist (Internal Family Systems therapy) and like to refer to myself as a "Life Transformation Guide." I have found IFS to be incredibly effective for supporting my healing transformation. This isn’t just “talk therapy.” IFS is an experiential model of therapy that works directly with the protective defensive systems and wounded parts that we all experience. For psychedelic integration purposes, IFS blends well with expanded states of consciousness as these states often amplify parts that IFS can navigate. I've immersed myself in both IFS and expanded states of consciousness as both personal and professional pursuits. I’ve worked towards developing competency to provide Psychedelic Integration by training with MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), Compass Pathways, Fluence (Psychedelics for Clinicians 101 and 102), and have attended conferences such as Horizons and SOAP. In 2019 I initiated a MAPS sponsored Expanded Access site in Rockville, MD for the study of MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD, a research protocol approved by the FDA. Through this initiative I received my MAPS Therapist training. My greatest teachers include: IFS Trainers, my clients, and my own internal system. I stand in awe at the intricacy and workings of our internal psychological landscape. I have profound gratitude to my own parts and Self-energy for bringing me to this point in life. It's a beautiful place to be. Having a passion for both IFS and psychedelic therapy, I seek to inform and educate both therapists and the curious explorer on the safe use of these healing modalities. It’s my belief that these tools are effective for treating the entire range of experience, for those with significant trauma, as well as those seeking general improvement in wellbeing.
Check out my website: www.moxiesch.com Healing Healers Mentorship Program: For therapists, coaches or guides who desire intensive education, mentorship, and community support to grow personally & professionally in the application of Internal Family Systems (IFS) & expanded states of consciousness. It's one thing to attend psychedelic trainings, it's another thing to hone and develop the artistry of your therapeutic skill. In order to do good psychedelic assisted work, you first need to be a good therapist. Approach: IFS Informed Integration: This course is a comprehensive guide for preparation, journey navigation, and integration to support you in making the most of your transformational journey. This course is intended for users of plant medicines, Ketamine, etc. integrating expanded states experiences. Course Details: Online - Zoom link provided upon purchase Friday, May 20th, 2022 12pm - 4pm EST $199