Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Psychoanalyst, Founder of The Deep-Seeded Truth
New York NY
I work with clients in a very supportive exploratory way. I direct questions to assist with deepening your thought process to elicit inquiry into self resulting in the ability to reach a greater awareness of self as well as reaching your full potential. Learning to navigate life transitions, and developing healthier relationships with the self which results in healthier relationships with others. Decreasing the symptoms of depression and anxiety, and developing healthier coping skills
Helodia Dastine is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is a certified Ketamine-Assisted Therapist and familiar with persons who suffer from racial biases and prejudices and their challenges. She has helped those who have suffered from cognitive impairments, substance abuse, and mental illness while being members of the LGBTQAI community or the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community experiencing sorrow and trauma. She is a psychoanalyst who went to Fordham University where she obtained her Master of Social Work and completed post-graduate training at the Training Institute for Mental Health in New York City to learn more about the field of psychoanalysis. She is presently enrolled in a doctoral program at Simmons University in Leadership, Education, and Advanced Clinical Practice, emphasizing antiracism, diversity, and equity. Her extensive experience, combined with cutting-edge training, allows her to offer clients a deeper understanding of themselves and their problems, practical solutions that last, and the skills to master their own life. She analyzes clients' unconscious desires and identifies their causes.
Please note, I am not a medical provider, therefore I cannot offer medicine of any kind. I provide ongoing integration and support sessions for adults