Hilary Morris (she/her), MA, LPC

Somatic Therapist, Ketamine Therapist
Lakewood CO
I help women open their hearts and create love and choice where trauma responses used to run the show. ❤️ I teach women that we aren't broken, we just weren't seen. I help women who are stuck in shame and trauma to create more love and compassion. They become intimate with their body's wisdom, and reclaim aspects of their sexuality, femininity, and power. Additionally, I assist those who identify as female entrepreneurs or healers to build their lives around connection, joy, vitality, and pleasure. They tune out of their minds and into their bodies. They connect with the deepest parts of themselves craving love and adoration. My clients learn to integrate feminine concepts of softness, tenderness, love, and grace into their lives. They learn it is possible to focus on things that truly matter to them without working 100 hours per week or crashing and burning. As a female entrepreneur myself, I know we are different and I love providing support to women who are changing the world with their passion! ❤️
I use somatic and embodiment techniques like EMDR, Brainspotting, and ketamine assisted psychotherapies to invite clients to a new perspective. Clients learn to quiet down thoughts that so easily entangle them and connect to their most sovereign authority within. I am also a female entrepreneur and am passionate about providing support to those who identify as women entrepreneurs.
I offer ketamine assisted psychotherapy for those who feel called to go deeper with their healing. The ketamine beautifully augments the somatic approaches and creates neural plasticity for new thought and behavior patterns. Combining ketamine with somatic therapies disrupts preconditioned trauma responses and creates more choice and freedom.