Holistic Wellness & Psychiatry

Cedar Rapids IA
We see patients in person or online and take BCBS insurance in Iowa as well as cash-pay
Dr. McCormick is an integrative/holistic psychiatrist and family physician with functional medicine as well as psychedelic-assisted therapy training. She has created a new clinic with locations in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. She has been in clinical practice for 20 years (post-residency, as a tenure-track academic research scientist and educator at the University of Iowa College of Medicine, then in private practice in St Thomas, USV since 2013, and Iowa City since 2018. She i excited to now be able to offer a variety of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy options to more people suffering from a variety of conditions including anxiety, treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, OCD, and eating disorders. The clinic now offers in-person treatment with Spravato an intranasal form of ketamine (covered by insurance) as well as a cash-based option for individual or group virtual/at-home compounded ketamine for intranasal or sublingual) with Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Ketamine is now the most effective antidepressant available, leading to transformative experiences, catalyzing healing, and ushering in a new era of deprescribing of typical antidepressants. My goal is to help patients get to the root cause of illness, which is often spiritual trauma, to reduce or eliminate their dependency on pharmaceuticals and heal, not just manage trauma or debilitating mental states.
We offer in-person and online appointments for integrative psychiatry assessments and treatment as well as for ketamine treatment with Spravato or compounded ketamine for intranasal or oral troche use. We will be offering 6-week group ketamine-assisted psychotherapy options starting in the spring of 2024 as well as IV/IM ketamine treatment.