Horizon Healing

Ventura CA
After an initial screening conversation, each client will have a thorough medical and psychological intake visit in person or via video call. During these visits, we will discuss preparation specific to each patient and formulate a personalized treatment plan.
Horizon Healing is a multidisciplinary team with a shared interest in psychedelic assisted therapy. We currently specialize in ketamine assisted therapy (KAT), using a safe and legal psychedelic medicine. Our team has extensive training and a wealth of experience in psychedelic assisted therapy. We create a collaborative and supportive space where clients can connect with their inner healer to experience transformative growth. ‍ Preparation and integration are integral to our approach to ketamine assisted psychotherapy. Rather than a medicalized IV infusion model, we offer intramuscular (IM) and oral ketamine in a relaxed healing setting. One physician and one therapist are always present to facilitate and ensure a safe and transformative experience.
We will work together with each client to develop a collaborative personalized treatment plan.