Ingmar Gorman, PhD

New York City NY
The foundation of my work with individuals is dedication, full engagement, warmth, and open curiosity. I see the “inner healing intelligence” or “intuition” of my client as the guidepost for our work together. Therapy may consist of healing from trauma, understanding compulsive behaviors, or integrating psychedelic experiences. It can also focus on the everyday challenges of life. My preference is to blend psychotherapeutic modalities based on the feedback I receive and the progression of our work. I view psychotherapy to be inherently collaborative, whether that includes setting goals together or discussing the therapeutic relationships. Having received training in settings ranging from inpatient units to private practices, I am equipped to meet you wherever you are at in your process or connect you to someone who can help.
Dr. Ingmar Gorman is a co-founder of Fluence (a professional education company in psychedelics psychotherapies) and a psychologist who specializes in assisting populations who have a relationship with psychedelics. He is the site co-principal investigator and therapist on a MAPS Phase 3 clinical trial studying MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Gorman is an advisor to Horizons Media, Inc., a not for-profit educational charity and organizer of the Horizons Conference: Perspectives on Psychedelics. Dr. Gorman is a former NIH postdoctoral fellowship at New York University and former director of the Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program.
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