Innate Path

Broomfield CO
At Innate Path we specialize in the treatment of mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD (complex and developmental trauma), and bipolar disorder. We utilize a unique form of psychedelic therapy that combines body-based psychotherapy with psychedelic medicines. Currently, we offer ketamine and cannabis assisted psychotherapy. We have found both of these psychedelic medicines extremely effective in accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness for working towards symptom resolution. We have also discovered our therapy model works well with the concept of “betterment for well people” – people looking to fine-tune their life for greater connection and a deeper discovery of their true “self”. We have various programs available geared for the different level of therapeutic support people typically need to recover – please call us for a free consultation and an opportunity to explore what program would work bests for you. Please note that if you are coming to us and you already have your own therapist who you want to continue working with, we are happy to collaborate with your pre-existing mental health support.