Innerspace Integration

Los Angeles CA
InnerSpace Integration recognizes that persons on their mission to integrate other states of consciousness can benefit from having a supportive ground crew. We believe that integrating a transformative experience requires care, love, understanding, and support. InnerSpace Integration takes a harm reduction approach emphasizing accurate information, education, and safety. We are committed to serving individuals who are interested in other states of consciousness with their personal transformation by empowering them with tools, supporting through challenges, and easing the process of integration back into daily life. Our aim is to provide a supportive container and serving the growing community during this psychedelic renaissance.
Are you planning to explore different states of consciousness? Do you have a loved one that has been impacted by psychedelics and want to know more? We are here to provide support. We provide counseling services and intensive personal/group work to individuals that have experienced or that are curious about non-ordinary states of consciousness.