Integrative Psychiatric Healing Center

Boulder CO
Integrative Psychiatric Healing Center of Boulder provides ketamine assisted psychotherapy as well as integrative psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Our ketamine services involve two hour ketamine psychotherapy sessions to address treatment resistant depression and chronic PTSD. Our integrative psychiatry track provides the most natural treatments possible, with medication prescriptions at the lowest possible doses and for the shortest possible duration of treatment. We view human beings as inherently whole and well, and symptoms as signs of deeper imbalances that need to be recognized and integrated. We understand that symptoms are not diseases, but rather are a way for our bodies, minds, and spirits to communicate a need for deeper healing. We approach psychological suffering with the aim of alleviating suffering as well as addressing root causes. Our clients do not want to take a medication long-term or to mask symptoms. They want personalized medical care tailored to their specific needs. We provide integrative psychiatric care and ketamine assisted psychotherapy. Our ketamine psychotherapists have extensive experience working with clients on psychedelics in legal settings.