Intero Psychedelic

Mendota Heights MN
INTERO puts the mind-expanding effects of psychedelics into the hands of therapists, physicians, and nurse practitioners for a truly integrative approach to healing the mind. Currently providing psychedelic ketamine therapy in Minnesota. Traditional therapy is generally described as a conversation between therapist and client, and happens while you're in an "ordinary" state of waking consciousness. During KAP treatment, you may experience drastic changes in consciousness, and sense of being, while having a therapeutic experience in the presence of your therapist. Both the pharmacological impact and the subjective experience of a non-ordinary state of consciousness can allow for rapid positive changes in mental state and perception. These effects, combined with the support and knowledge of a trained psychotherapist, work to maximize the healing potential that Ketamine allows.
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, Integration support, Integration Circles, KAP Groups