Jace Langone, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist
Hanover MA
I practice Spiritually-Integrated Psychotherapy, offering a space to explore how conflicts between one’s core values and actual life experiences can hinder psychological well-being. I find inspiration in Humanistic and Transpersonal theories, and integrate various evidenced-based modalities (e.g., ACT, CBT, MBSR, MBCT, etc.) as well as Psychodynamic principles into treatment, providing an eclectic, individualized approach. I encourage exploring personal meaning through a compassionate, paradoxical lens whereby shadow and light are held as equally potent and generative qualities of the same experience. Complementing a conversational approach to therapy whereby an emerging therapeutic friendship is the means of treatment, I also offer a variety of experiential interventions (e.g., focusing and guided imagery, various meditative and contemplative practices, shamanic drumming and divination, mandala drawing, communing with nature, etc.) that empower by amplifying the perspective by which one’s life events are beheld. By this frame, meaning is as courageously sought as it is surrendered, inviting your cooperation into the mysterious, creative potential by which you are alive.
My nearly decade-long practice in pastoral counseling, ongoing apprenticeships in Dreamshadow Transpersonal Breathwork and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and training in assimilating religiospiritual practices into psychotherapy have allowed me to offer a therapeutic approach appreciative of wisdom traditions from around the world. Grounded in the American folk psychology tradition of William James and being trained in direct lineage with Stanislav Grof and Michael Harner, my theoretical lens is akin to an experiential mysticism that has shaped the American experiment from its very beginning: an underbelly counterculture that balances mainstream orthodoxy and conformity. This proverbial frontier pushes the margins of experience and understanding beyond the allure of materialistic certainty, while also maintaining scientifically responsible epistemology. Having presented at the Association for Transpersonal Psychology 50th Anniversary International Transpersonal Conference in Pacific Grove, CA and having been invited to participate in the Philosophy of Psychedelics conference at University of Exeter (UK), I am well versed in addressing theoretical as well as pragmatic issues emerging in this field. I am most interested in amplifying understanding of exceptional states of consciousness—irrespective of the means by which they are induced—beyond inherently mechanistic explanations, which are susceptible to inadvertently inviting spiritual bypass and compromising the application of perennial wisdom during ordinary states of consciousness.