Jack Irmas, LCSW

Beverly Hills CA
With insight and a holistic approach, you'll gain the skills needed to resolve inner turmoil, cultivate self-worth, improve relationships, and rewrite limiting narratives. While the road ahead may not always be easy, recovery is possible. While some therapeutic approaches focus on providing quick fixes or symptom relief, psychodynamic therapy recognizes that sustainable change requires a thorough exploration of the underlying causes. Unlike short-term or symptom-focused therapies, psychodynamic psychotherapy invites us to explore the root causes of our challenges, paving the way for lasting growth.
I received my Masters degree in Social Work (MSW) from the University of Southern California (USC), where I completed my internship at the USC Counseling Center. I subsequently completed a two-year post-graduate fellowship in psychodynamic psychotherapy at the Wright Institute Los Angeles (WILA) where I worked with individuals and couples coming to therapy for a host of issues. I presently help a wide range of people of different backgrounds and ages and specialize in relationship dynamics, issues around sex and sexuality, anxiety, and young adult issues