Jaclyn Udell, ASW

San Pedro CA
With linguistics as my foray into altered states of consciousness, I view language as a tool in extracting truth.  Communication accommodation theory explains that people adapt their style of speech to one another to ensure productive communication. Therefore as a listener to you, I aim to ensure that our dynamic facilitates you hearing yourself clearly. Through tactile techniques, I ensure that each session ends with something more tangible than just your memory to take beyond session with you. I believe that this offers you independent agency in the therapeutic process.
I am an associate clinical social worker and harm reductionist. In 2014 I graduated cum laude from Georgetown University in Chinese Literature and International Relations before continuing my graduate studies at Tulane University’s School of Social Work for a Master’s in Social Work. During my MSW program, I completed 1000 hours of clinical field work at the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) as a Policy and Clinical Advocacy intern.  With a love of learning, I'm always deepening my knowledge with formal and informal training. Recently, I have become a facilitator in the Vital course produced by Psychedelics Today.