Jacopo Ellero, MA

Licensed Psychologist
Lisbon Lisboa
My humanist approach prioritizes people's own narrative. There is no one-fits-all script for life. Each personal narrative can be observed professionally, in order for people to find their own solution to the problems, dilemmas and crisis that inevitably occur in life.
The personal life of a psychologist is relevant as far as it assures one's training can satisfy the needs of the people contacting their psychologist. More of the psychologist's personal life can be disclosed occasionally, if it is helpful in the therapeutic process. This clinical approach aims to leave as much space as possible to the clients. In such space we can find deeper insights about the clients' psychology. However, anybody talking to me would notice I come from Italy. There, at high school, I won an exclusive scholarship to study in an English-language program called International Baccalaureate. I lived two years in a boarding school surrounded by see and forests, with friends from over 90 nationalities. Then I travelled in Europe, where I learnt many other languages, such as Spanish. I finally settled in Lisbon, Portugal, where I practice Psychology and Harm Reduction, mainly in Portuguese. Here I could practice professionally in one of the countries with the most advanced "drug policies" in the world, based on the "decriminalization" of PsychoActive Substances (aka "drugs"). I have a six-years experience in psychological support in crises linked to (sexist) violence, and to the consumption of substances, in nightlife, raves and festivals (i.e. Boom, Fusion, Sonar). I worked in Harm Reduction projects dedicated to various styles of consumption. I currently work as a Clinical Psychologist in the main LGBTQ+ association in Portugal: ILGA Portugal - Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and Intersex Intervention. Therefore I could adapt the Harm Reduction approach to anti-sexist Queer raves and the ChemSex scene.
Integration for Altered States of Consciousness. Includes counseling and guidance with practices concerning sexuality, meditation and relaxation. Proper relaxation skills ease the entrance in and experience of Altered States. Psychedelic Integration and Preparation (counseling pre and post experience - a total of eight sessions is advised). Substance-Assisted Psychotherapy is illegal in Portugal: possession of most psychoactive substances is illegal (and it is a criminal offense for possession of amounts above the "personal dose", decided by law or by the judge). Sourcing of substances is a crime. As a psychologist, during the experience I can only be summoned for help, exactly like when a client would reach out to their psychologist during an intense life event. Harm Reduction counseling can be provided for people willing to know how psychoactive substances work and what risks they carry, including relatively new trends like microdosing. Integration circles online, for experiences of altered states that need to be grounded or can inspire personal growth. Integration circles can be organized in person in Lisbon, with at least four participants. The frequency of sessions depends on the therapeutic outcomes desired. Clinical counseling. It applies also to changing patterns of consumption of substances (aka "addictive behaviors"). PsyCare training and services for Festivals worldwide, in person and/or online. Consultations about party designs, for a safer and sexism-free environment.