Jacqueline Sarah Robertson, LMFT

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Santa Barbara CA
I am an attachment-based therapist and help clients overcome the effects of challenging early attachment difficulties by establishing a secure bond through the therapeutic relationship. My work with clients orients to the "here and now", present moment experience of what is arising in the therapy room and uses these as opportunities to complete missing experiences from early life. I lean back as much as I lean into therapy sessions, meaning I can be direct and yet gently guide clients to become deeply mindful of their internal processes to gather the clarity and wisdom they seek. I help clients orient to the wisdom of their body, advocating for and directing clients inward to discover the truth of their heart. I trust in deeper wisdom beyond the mind, that we can all access through anchoring into the compass of our heart and Soul. At the end of this very sacred life, I want to know that I led with my heart, let life in fully and completely, and devoted my energy and time to creating a more beautiful world. I offer small, private retreats for women seeking to embody self-respect and develop a deeply sacred relationship with themselves. I utilize imagery and visualization, Hakomi mindfulness, CBT and DBT, EMDR, somatic approaches, music, and sound in my work with clients.
From a very young age, I was consumed by questioning the meaning of life, a hunger to understand pain and suffering, and the resilience of the human Spirit. My early childhood experiences of trauma and unexpected loss haunted me throughout my teenage years and early 20s until I could no longer distract from the pain, and the initiation to my healing journey was born. My pain had provided me with my purpose. I have spent the last 15+ years working with clients one-on-one and training in clinical psychology, neuroscience, somatic psychotherapy, EMDR, attachment theory, trauma-focused therapy, Hakomi mindfulness, meditation, Buddhism, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, and holistic nutrition. Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, I had a private practice in holistic nutrition, specializing in women's health. I spent 5 years in the retreat industry, facilitating the support of organizing and managing workshops, events, and retreats. I am a relational-based therapist with the belief that the therapeutic relationship is just as equally healing and transformative as the approach and interventions we use in therapy. I help clients change outdated neurobiological patterns and rewire their nervous systems to transform limiting core beliefs, patterns, and behaviors. I work with a small and select number of clients at a time so I can provide quality support and effective services. My work's foundation is helping clients awaken intuition, self-compassion, and acceptance at a cellular level, to live a more heart-centered life.