James Amarante, PhD

Norwalk CT
I am very flexible in how I work with clients. Some individual clients and couples come to me wishing to engage in long-term psychotherapy with intermittent ketamine-assisted sessions or psychedelic integration. Other folks join me for a very limited time for a series of ketamine-assisted sessions, to plan for upcoming journeys, integrate past journeys, or learn about ways to reduce the potential harms associated with journeying. Still others are referred by their current therapists for adjunctive treatments related to trauma and substance use with the use of psychedelics.
I am a psychotherapist with graduate degrees in clinical psychology, counseling, and social work and thousands of hours of training in a wide array of approaches to psychotherapy (psychoanalytic psychotherapy, mindfulness-based approaches, sensorimotor psychotherapy and other trauma-informed approaches, integrative harm reduction psychotherapy, couples therapy, and psychedelic psychotherapy to name a few). In addition to my professional training, I am uniquely poised to offer support to those who wish to engage in psychedelic psychotherapy to heal from trauma as this is a path I have personally been down.
In addition to individual and couples therapy, I offer ketamine-assisted group mindfulness-based approaches (Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention and Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy).