Janet Colli, PhD, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Coupeville WA
I specialize in psycho-spiritual transformation. I facilitate growth and healing through spiritual emergence. Those who have experienced trauma, deep disturbance, or a dark night of the soul often develop special awareness. Such experience appears to be the portal to a biologically-based transformation of the human personality. New neural pathways can be created to foster empathy, compassion and gratitude … hope. Transpersonal psychology is the psychology of the sacred. As a transpersonal psychotherapist, I offer a unique perspective on healing. I facilitate experiences that carry us beyond our ego or self-identity, beyond culture, and sometimes beyond time & space. Insights and epiphanies. Synchronicities. I help integrate the transcendent healing that can occur through psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Therapy is about facilitating that connection rather than merely diagnosing and medicating. Therapy is about growing nervous systems to enable us to reach beyond ourselves… and ultimately, to reach our full human potential. Childhood trauma often involves dissociation, an altered state. Developmental trauma can fracture the psyche and necessitate the repair of aspects of us that remain “frozen” in time. Initially, I help desensitize trauma and cultivate mindfulness. We can develop the unique sensitivities initiated through altered-states. By processing and integrating non-ordinary experience, we evolve the total personality. Enormous energy is involved in anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Depression is subsumed life energy. Energy not used becomes morbid as obstacles overwhelm and obstruct us. I help find the “keys” within to tap into undermined strength. I also utilize Jungian-based dreamwork, and Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR). As blocked energy is released and integrated, our personalities transform. The Self can emerge and a species shift can occur—a collective planetary awakening.
My psychotherapy practice has specialized in spiritual awakening ever since my own healing was catalyzed by a spiritually transformative experience in the context of cancer at the age of thirty. I realized the healing power of altered states firsthand, as a dream of dolphins inspired my own physical healing. Yet such transformation is a natural evolutionary process that everyone can access. I completed my graduate studies in Clinical Psychology at The Union Institute in 1997 in order to facilitate healing that takes us from trauma to transcendence. Thus began my personal and professional investigation of the relationship between trauma and the transpersonal. I participated in the Grof Transpersonal Training (GTT), where we explored the birth process as a model for psycho-spiritual transformation, and accessed non-ordinary states through Holotropic Breathwork™. With expertise in clinical and transpersonal psychologies, I authored "The Dark Face of Heaven: True Stories of Transcendence Through Trauma." Nowhere is radical healing more evident than in spiritual emergency. I have facilitated transformational crises for 20 years, working with altered and extreme states ranging from Kundalini awakening to awareness of the subtle realms. I now facilitate Spiritual Emergence Seattle—a consultation service integrating psycho-spiritual, physiological & community support. I present professionally at the American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (ACISTE). With Ketamine, my cosmic nature unfolded. I was completely absorbed by blue-grey light—the totality of everything: a form of love that is (or underlies) everything. A glimpse of ‘Dharmakaya.’ Not heaven but the basis of all existence. What was left of me identified with Cosmic Mother… and Whale! Integrating healing through psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy is truly a dream come true.