Janina Marchner, Dipl-Psych, PP

Licensed psychotherapist (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, single & group treatments for adults)
Berlin BE
During a first consultation I explore your intentions for a treatment, your current situation, relevant past life events, psychiatric diagnoses. I can then offer advice on treatment options or create an individual treatment plan. I am a specialist for cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), which is always based on scientific knowledge but planned according to your individual needs and intentions. With respect to psychedelic integration there is much less known about effects of certain interventions. Usually psychedelic integration counseling gives space to express and sort content of the experience, for example by linking it to the present life situation, to the past and to aspects of your personalty, motives, values and goals. This can involve the exploration of supportive practices (e.g. meditation, creative practices, practices involving the body, movement, voice). I am drawing from my experience as a therapist which includes a variety of practices for regulating inner states. Psychedelic integration counseling aims to derive meaning from a psychedelic experience, promote relevant life changes and well-being, ease challenges or decrease harmful processes.
I was born and grew up in divided Berlin. After ending my studies of Clinical Psychology (2011 | Universität Potsdam) I gained a license in psychotherapy (cognitive-behavioural therapy, 2017 | Psycholog. Hochschule Berlin), later also for group psychotherapy (2021 | Berliner Akademie für Psychotherapie). Throughout my studies (2008 - 2020) I was working in neuro-cognitive and clinical science for many years, first as a student research assistant (Max-Planck-Institut Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin), later as a doctoral student (Otto-von-Guericke Universität), assisting clinical research projects as a psychotherapist in training (Psychologische Hochschule/Charité Berlin Mitte). In the past 5 years my interest in the therapeutic benefits of altered states of consciousness grew and I started to study with indigenous cultures, learning their traditions, rituals and music in the peruvian and brazilian amazon. For 1.5 years I was employed as a psychotherapist at OVID Clinic for Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy where I was guiding our patient's Ketamine experiences and supporting with integration psychotherapy. Currently I am offering outpatient treatments and integration in my private practice in Berlin-Neukölln.