Jasdeep Sandhu, MD

Board Certified Psychiatrist
Austin TX
I aim to create a safe and trustworthy environment where we both are collaborating to improve their health. Everything we consume (food, toxic susbtances, plants, people's energies, social media, news, etc) has the power to positively or negatively affect us, and my goal is to teach and enhance patient's ability to consume those things that help them thrive. I also believe in being present with what is in the moment, and use mindfulness practices with patients to help them regulate but also appreciate the moment. Given that our troubles usually stem from things in the past, traumas, unhealthy dynamics, disturbed environements, invalidated emotions, the list goes on, I use psychodynamic, parts/inner child work, buddhist and mindfulness based principles to help people understand and work through what is continuing to drain them of vitality or deter them from their purpose and living. Ketamine assisted psychotherapy is a helpful tool to open up the mind, safely process the past, increase neuroplasicity to create new habits, let go of unhelpful patterns of beliefs and thoughts, and create the life they want to lead.
Hello, I am glad we are able to connect. An important aspect of my work with patients, and in my own self development, is connection- to self, others, and the world around us. I am an integrative psychiatrist, informed by great Western medical education, Eastern background and philosophies, and countless hours of independent study and research into the ways people actually become well. And all of that has led me to the fact that we each create the medicine we need. We are each other's medicine. And there is medicine around us, just as there are toxins around us- our ability to choose is what leads us to a satisfactory life, a displeasing life, or an enriched life, and everything inbetween. I love traveling, experiencing new cultures and landscapes, but also reflecting on the beauty of the routines I have created for myself at home, with yoga, meditation, walking, exercise, family and friend time, imbibing in what life has to offer, practicing letting go and just being, but allowing myself to be swept up in joy and sadness and passion as it flows.