Jasmine Mazlumyan, LMFT, Guide

Integrative Therapist and Psychedelic Practitioner
San Francisco CA
I offer an integrated perspective that sees you as a whole working with all external and internal elements. We approach your healing through this lens, and catering treatment to work specifically with who you are as an individual and your circumstances.
I’m a Psychedelic Medicine Practitioner and Integrative Somatic Psychotherapist. I believe so deeply in Sacred Medicines as our allies in the world, bridging the gap between humans and Mother Earth. I’m passionate about supporting and guiding people through their first initiation with medicines. I want to support people to build emotional resilience and self awareness to navigate relationships and life’s tricky waters all while fostering a culture of reciprocity. I have been communing with Psychedelic Medicines for over 15 years, holding ceremony for my own healing and co-creating rituals with my loved ones. As a child of immigrants, I’m deeply immersed in reclaiming, remembering and honoring my Ancestral wisdom and practices from Ancient Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean. Healing my Intergenerational trauma is what started me on this path at the age of 17.