Jason Agnello, LMSW

Licensed Master Social Worker
Hamburg NY
My hope is that through our work together, you will grow in inner wisdom and self-compassion. These virtues can support the brave release of hazardous behaviors, beliefs, and relationships. The solutions rest within you. I'm here to aid you in discovering them.
You deserve to feel better - to enjoy this life. I provide a confidential space for active exploration, fostering alignment and wellness. Through self-reflection, we'll navigate intense feelings and symptoms, embracing new coping strategies. My approach is rooted in the understanding that emotional suffering is woven into our lives as a consequence of adverse experiences, transgenerational inheritance, and injurious cultural standards. I also support individuals through psychedelic and ketamine-assisted therapy, offering a safe, supportive environment for healing and integration. Note: I do not provide medication.
Our identities are shaped by our family upbringing, societal norms, and cultural values. While these influences offer benefits, they can also result in inner conflicts. I advocate for releasing old patterns and embracing new emotional strategies, leading to alignment and a deeper sense of ease. Throughout my graduate studies at UB, I was a member of the "Serious Illness Care Fellowship." One of the most significant experiences was my immersive year-long field study at Roswell Park, which greatly shaped my understanding of the intricate connections between adversity, loss, and healing.