Jed Jacobson, LMHCA

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate
Seattle WA
I currently see therapy and psychedelic integration clients solely through telehealth (on Zoom). With new clients, I prefer to meet on a weekly basis. For ketamine clients, we will meet for medicine sessions in a clinic near downtown Seattle. Prep and integration for these journeys may be a mix of online and in-person.
I am an attentive, empathetic listener with innate curiosity about the infinite range of lived human experience. Having spent many years in the mental health research world, I became a therapist in order to draw nearer to the individual stories of those I seek to help. Always predisposed to questioning reality and the status quo, I am devoted to freeing our collective consciousness and bringing safety and healing, with or without the aid of psychedelic medicines.
I offer preparation and integration for work with psychedelic medicines. I also offer guided journeys with ketamine, with the assistance and collaboration of a medical team. Finally, I have limited space to take on new clients for longer-term therapy.