Jen Fiser, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Broomfield CO
At Innate Path we specialize in working with non-ordinary states of consciousness to access and heal underlying subconscious traumas, destructive beliefs, wounded relationships and our deeply held sense of powerlessness to affect our world. We practice a body-based, relational psychotherapy that works particularly well to uncover and heal dissociated experiences and early childhood memories that are often the seeds of adult mental and physical suffering.
I am the Clinical Director of Innate Path, supervising and training psychotherapists to effectively use available psychedelics (cannabis and ketamine) as supports to psychotherapy. I have also worked in private practice and have been on a team of psychotherapists training other therapists in and developing the model of psychotherapy used in the Innate Path clinic. I am dedicated to finding solutions to personal, generational and systemic trauma, which I believe are the biggest issues the world faces today. My training is in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University and Trauma Dynamics, a body-based trauma resolution model. I find psychedelics to be an amazing asset to this work. Additionally, they help show us the need for honoring our subjective experience and for ultimately reclaiming a sense of power and responsibility for our world.