Jenelle McArthur, LCSW

Indigenous Social Worker, Psychedelic Integration Psychotherapist, Approved Mental Health Therapist
Regina SK
I’ve established a team of consultants for safe and ethical practice. A diverse team of experienced Medical and Mental Health Professionals, Psychologists, Knowledge Keepers and Elder guidance. I work with clients empathetically and compassionately. I envision this journey to be one of metamorphosis. I vision a caterpillar that goes into the chrysalis to become a beautiful butterfly.
câk nit ishinihkâson (my name is), Jenelle McArthur. Ahcâhk (spirit name), Chasing Bear. I am from Ocean Man First Nation, Treaty 4 Territory. I am Dakota and Nakota (Sioux, Assiniboine, and Plains Cree). I am an Indigenous Social Worker. I accredit my education to the First Nations University of Canada. I studied in Regina, Sk. and Saskatoon, Sk. I’ve also received education from The University of British Columbia, Vancouver Campus (Trauma Informed Institute) and St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia Campus (COADY International Institute). I am an experienced Community-Based Researcher honouring an Indigenous Methodology. As a helper within our communities, I’ve spent most of my time within Program Creation and Community Development. I am grateful for knowledge acquired within Restorative Justice and Family Reunification. I am a compassionate trauma-informed iskwew (woman) with lived experience, which I believe is the most valuable within the work that I’ve done and will continue to do for our communities. I am a story teller and I believe that 'stories are medicine.' My educational journey has guided me towards the completion of a Master of Indigenous Social Work Graduate Degree. I am an Approved Mental Health Therapist with the Non-Insured Health Benefits Program (Indigenous Services Canada, First Nations, and Inuit Health Branch).
Psycho-Educational Presentations to Mental Health Practitioners, Wellness Centres and Community Presentations. Specialized information sessions for First Nation, Inuit & Metis peoples of Canada (communities) with an emphasis on healing The Soul Wound (Duran, E. 2021) Internalized oppression, Inter-Generational Trauma (IGT), Systemic Racism, Colonization/Decolonization, Spiritual Abuse, Poverty, etc.) Specialized workshops (individual and group) for creative expression and art therapy. Reference: Duran, E. (2021). Healing the soul wound: Trauma-informed counseling for indigenous communities. Langara College. Photo Credits: Bill Stevenson Photography (Regina, Sk.) Wild Seed Photography (Regina, SK.) Jolaine Nicole Photography (Medicine Hat, Ab.) Traditional Clothing Designer & Beadwork: Sky Dancer Designs (Regina, Sk.)