Jenna Wolfson, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Psychedelic Assisted Therapist
Felton CA
My clients are not simply revolving patients; My role is to listen and develop a deeper understanding so that throughout the process I am able to guide, troubleshoot, and assist; to develop a level of trust that allows us to approach sensitive issues, tricky patterns or maladaptive behaviors with a strong sense of security and support. Being client-centered, I do not push and pull my clients before they are ready or in directions they do not want to go. Simultaneously, I also am not a crutch; I will not allow sessions to become stagnant or circular in nature. It is my role to ensure that we remain on a path that moves you forward. Addressing trauma and deep wounds is part of an organic process, with various issues arising as we work through your imminent or recurring issues. If the client is ready, we can “go there,” or we can work in the present and remain solution-focused, returning to the trauma only when you are ready.
Formerly from Southern CA (Los Angeles and Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley), I relocated to Northern CA in my mid 20s and currently reside in the Santa Cruz mountains. Spent the first part of my post high school life as a student and waitress, yet always knew that going back to school for something more "serious" was on the map for me. Although I do consider waitressing and working in bars one of the most sincere forms of social work. I then transitioned into working with children and families in after school care, nannying, daycares, preschools, etc and while I was working as a nanny I was injured on the job. With Worker's compensation support behind me, I returned to CSUMB to complete my BA in Social and Behavioral Science and realized that a BA in SBS wasn't going to increase my income much more than it would by remaining a nanny, so I decided to apply for graduate school in social worker at San Jose State University. While attending SJSU I continued to focus my education on families and children and eventually graduated with not only my MA but also a school social worker's permit. Upon graduating and starting my new job in a gang entrenched middle school, I discovered that working as a school social worker in a school district wasn't going to affect the changes that I felt drawn to influence. I then focused my attention on the core issues which included substance abuse, domestic violence, transgenerational and intergenerational trauma, and systemic racism/discrimination. I've worked in group homes, assessed chronic substance users, been a Wraparound social worker. I facilitated classes as a batterer's interventionist with the male perpetrators remanded to the 52 week class. I've worked in foster homes and with adoptive parents and have sat at a table of no less than 20 multi disciplinary team members to advocate and support my clients. In 2015 I opened up my private practice on my foundation of lived and learned wisdom with the hope that I can continue to honor my clients' experiences by being a supportive guide.