Jennifer Haller, LCSW

Psychedelic Integration & Healing Practitioner
Phoenix AZ
I initiate by building rapport, as a genuine therapeutic relationship hinges on connection. It's crucial to assess our compatibility. Drawing from my own experience, I recognize the significance of this connection and the value of feeling truly understood and seen. Conducting a psychosocial assessment and exploring background are essential for grasping history and context. We would then define the session's objectives. What areas are we addressing? What requires healing? How can I provide the most supportive environment? It's important to let go of preconceptions and establish intentions to facilitate authentic integration.
For the past 14 years I've dedicated my career to social work, specializing in mental health, palliative care, and hospice. In 2022 I faced profound loss when my mother and husband passed away within two months of each other. While my mother's death was anticipated due to her Alzheimer's, my husband's sudden passing on our daughter's birthday shattered my world. Alongside these tragedies, repressed childhood memories surfaced, adding to my emotional turmoil. Desperate for healing and direction, I felt utterly lost. Everything changed after I attended a 7 day psilocybin retreat in Jamaica. This experience marked the beginning of my transformative healing journey with plant medicine. Through it, I've untangled 52 years of societal and religious conditioning, guilt, and shame. I've addressed and healed from the childhood trauma and tragedies of 2022, achieving a level of healing that years of antidepressants and talk therapy couldn't provide. Mother Nature's gifts have truly transformed my life.