Jennifer McCombs, LCSW

Phoenix AZ
Embodied Healing is a mind body connection approach to healing that looks at a person as an integrated whole: mind + body + spirit. Traditional “talk therapy” often focuses solely on life history and the analysis of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. In contrast, mind body therapy incorporates these same principals, yet integrates the body and its' experience into the journey. The body holds memories, emotions, and sensations. It can be profoundly impactful to understand the body through the sensations, while allowing space for the nervous system to regulate. As your practitioner, it is my job to facilitate and support your healing by giving you appropriate skills and resources to feel safe and secure while teaching you how to implement them into your daily practice. During our time together, you will learn effective strategies for self-regulation and nervous system soothing, how to re-establish a communicative relationship with your body and emotions, what boundaries you need in place to feel safe and secure, what needs of yours are not being met and how to meet them, which core wounds are playing themselves on repeat in your life, what distorted beliefs about yourself are holding you back from thriving and how to increase your ability to be with big energy and emotions without feeling overwhelmed. Working with me requires a willingness to do hard, deep, but gentle, work. I will not take on clients who are looking for someone to heal them. I offer support, tools, guidance, deep processing work, compassion, empathy and years of research, study and training, but I cannot do the healing for you. This is ultimately a co-created experience wherein my desire for you is to become your own best resource of wisdom, truth, healing and love. I believe in our innate ability to understand what we need and my hope is to create a space where you begin to uncover the innate wisdom within and use it as a guide in your life.
Jennifer McCombs graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University in 2005 with a BA in Journalism before continuing on to University of Nevada, Reno for her Masters in Social Work. Lauren is licensed as a clinical therapist in Arizona, Nevada and California. As a clinician, Jennifer integrates alternative modalities of treatment into her work. She is trained by the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) for MDMA assisted psychotherapy for complex PTSD and has taken continuing education courses with Fluence, the leading continuing education organization on psychedelic integration and psychedelic-assisted therapy. Jennifer is actively working at CAP Healing in Phoenix, Arizona to offer ketamine assisted psychotherapy to accelerate healing for individuals who suffer from depression, anxiety and trauma.
Couples Psychedelic integration Pre- and post-ritual counseling Trauma-focused psychotherapy Substance use disorder counseling Ketamine treatment Holistic approaches Mind-body therapy Somatic Healing