Jennifer Tippett, PsyD

Doctor of Psychology
Denver CO
During my years of clinical experience, I came to realize that traditional models of therapy were less efficient than I or my clients wanted them to be. I became focused on finding methods of collaborating with clients to help them quickly recognize their patterns, make sense of the pattern’s origins, and re-write the stories that maintain them. The most important part in this process is working together to identify where you want to shift your way of being to create a life of joy, fulfillment and purpose.
I hold a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, and am a licensed psychologist in Denver, Colorado. Prior to coming to Denver, I worked in New York, Boston, and Los Angeles primarily treating severe mental illness and addiction in a variety of settings including inpatient hospital units. Currently, I have a small private practice dedicated to helping individuals create awareness and choice in their lives. I am also a professor at the University of Denver, and the director of the Substance Use Disorder specialty, training doctoral students in the neurobiology of trauma, attachment, and addiction. I lead a small student research team that explores psychedelics as viable options for mental distress and illness. Working with individuals and couples is one of the most rewarding parts of my job!