Jenny Weinar, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Philadelphia PA
*Please note I am not accepting new clients at this time* It is my greatest honor to support clients as they explore how various life experiences shaped their relationship to themselves, to others, and the world around them, and as they develop new behaviors and ways of relating. Clients find in me a compassionate, non-judgmental presence and a genuine hope for individual and collective healing. I provide Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy to clients in Philadelphia. I also offer virtual psychedelic integration therapy to residents of Pennsylvania, Colorado, and New Jersey.
I'm a Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapist and burgeoning psychonaut based in Philadelphia, PA. I found my way to this work as many practitioners do, through my own recovery from mental health struggles and a desire to help others transmute their suffering. After graduating with my MSW, I worked as a clinical social worker in oncology care, community mental health, substance use treatment, primary care, and now as a therapist in private practice. Throughout this time I also became certified to teach yoga and trained in various therapeutic modalities. My own healing accelerated and transformed when I opened up to the therapeutic potential of psychedelics. I have witnessed, both for myself and others, how both plant medicines and synthetic compounds can catalyze therapeutic work when used intentionally. I went on to train in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and am thrilled to be amongst a growing community practicing this method in Philadelphia.
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (in Philadelphia) Psychedelic Integration Therapy (virtually for residents of PA, CO and NJ)