Jeremy Rhoades, LMFT, LPC

Harm Reduction Specialist, Preparation & Integration Consultant
Amsterdam NH
Techniques of dream re-entry, visualizations, and somatic inquiry can help you align with intuition, and prepare you for entering uncharted territory during your transformative journey... it a psychedelic-assisted experience, a microdosing protocol, or an alternative vehicle for accessing altered perspectives: These powerful techniques/skillsets/handrails can also be the active ingredients to alchemize intentional transformative experiences in their own right – “portals into The Unknown.” Dreamscapes Alchemical Manifestation holds an underlying philosophy that the doorway from one phase to another, on your personal evolutionary journey, may come to be seen as an already-present, accessible inner resonance. We only need to relax into this inner resource.
Trained as a transpersonal psychotherapist in San Francisco, California, I have practiced a blend of existential, humanistic and relational therapy, Dzogchen, harm reduction therapy (motivational interviewing) for working with addiction, gamification of the transformation process, and support for radical self-acceptance since 2006. I have an MA in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology (JFK University) including courses in Dream Studies and Consciousness Studies. Continuing education includes Psychedelics 101 & 102 for Clinicians (Center for Optimal Living, New York) I am a Meditation practitioner and instructor (applied nondual awareness), and attend consultation with teacher Ken Bradford, author of "Opening Yourself: The psychology and yoga of self-liberation." I am a lifelong student of the I Ching and currently reside in Amsterdam with my family.
Dreamscapes Alchemical Manifestation group forming for Summer 2023. Email for more info: