Jessalyn Maguire, MSW

Integrative, Transpersonal Coach
Los Angeles CA
I specialize in addressing depression, anxiety, eating disorders, complex trauma, PTSD, as well as gender and sexual identity issues and my goal is to ensure clients feel truly seen and understood.
I am is a trained trauma therapist and transpersonal coach who combines two decades of experience as an artist with my passion for healing. I offer an integrative approach that draws from psychodynamic, existential, somatic, feminist, and queer theories, along with mindfulness, DBT, CBT, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy and Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. With a practical yet empathetic approach, my approach is to help you find hope and collaborate on skills to build a life beyond suffering.
Currently, I am only accepting coaching clients for psychedelic preparation and integration. I specialize in integrating experiences that are often referred to as "difficult trips" and guiding clients to cultivate the skills to explore altered states of consciousness with intention, mindfulness, and internal resourcing.