Jesse Salmon, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker; Yoga Therapist; Reiki Master
Salt Lake City UT
I approach clients with a holistic lens which allows us to recognize the interplay of physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual. I hold space for the client, wherever they are at, to access and embrace all parts of their self.
Jesse is pulled by polarities: the sun & moon, the desert & bodies of water, solo time & relationships, deep quiet stillness & rambunctious sound and movement. She is an explorer of the unconscious, and continually curious about experiences that integrate the body, mind, and spirit. Perhaps the best training she’s received thus far in life is with her 2 wonderful, silly daughters. They’ve given her a crash course into the depths of her psyche-a deep dive into her shadow, continued opportunities for healing, and above all, pure joy and bliss.
Monthly retreat/workshops focusing on yoga, meditation, and shadow work.