Jesse Walker, PsyD

Psychology Associate; Doctor of Psychology; Therapist
Washington DC
I follow the philosophy that integration is a process that begins before the psychedelic experience itself, with thoughtful, conscious preparation. I work with people to identify their goals or intentions, think through safety considerations and prepare for possible outcomes. Once the experience is complete, we work together to integrate insights into daily life and embody these changes. Sometimes the experience is challenging, and we work together to create a narrative of the experience that promotes safety and stability. While traditional therapy is usually a weekly/bi-weekly appointment, psychedelic integration can be quite different. If appropriate, we may meet short term on an as-needed basis. I am also able to provide adjacent services if you are already seeing a therapist. I approach psychedelic integration from a harm reduction framework. Harm reduction allows for patient autonomy and self determination, while simultaneously inviting them to explore their choices from all angles. During the integration process, we will use mindfulness techniques and contemplative practices which work in similar ways to the psychedelic experience in the brain. We will also use experiential techniques, which can be useful for embodying the insights and incorporating them into daily life. Sessions are 50 minutes. Conducted over Zoom or phone. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.
I’m a Black, multiracial, psychology associate in Washington, D.C., and I provide therapeutic services to adults of all ages, backgrounds, cultures and identities. While I work with all types of people, I have a particular interest in providing services to those who identify as multiracial, biracial, or mixed; BIPOC navigating predominantly white spaces; addressing issues of identity, family, relationships, and multicultural concerns. I also enjoy working with people in the midst of major life transitions - such as pregnancy, postpartum, adoption, marriage, break ups, loss, and career transitions.
Individual Therapy; Couples Work; Ongoing integration offerings