Jessica Bailey, LPC

Muskegon MI
I work with clients both in person and virtually.
Hi, I’m Jessica Bailey. The primary focus of my practice has been helping individuals navigate life through creating balance, joy, and healthy support systems for themselves. My whole body approach takes into consideration all aspects of a person’s journey, including childhood and attachment, current stress and its sources, and your vision for the future. When you enter my office, we will develop a road map that connects the dots in order to help you heal through letting go of conditioned belief systems, having healthy boundaries and mindsets, finding balance between creating safety and calculated risk-taking, and taking into consideration everything we take in and take on in life. If you feel stuck, discontent, have low self esteem, or feel like you lack direction or motivation, I might be a good fit for you. I am dedicated to creating a space that is inclusive and non-judgemental, where you can feel safe to express yourself and feel seen and heard.
At this time, I offer individual preparation and integration sessions. I hope to add group opportunities in the future.