Jessica Eden, LCSW, LAC

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed Addictions Counselor
Arvada CO
If you're looking for support coping with depression, chronic stress/burnout, trauma, addictions, grief and other life challenges, I'm here to help. Through virtual or in-person sessions, we'll create a psychedelic and spiritual healing program tailored to your intentions. Through sacred ceremony, acupuncture, guided meditation, mindfulness, and intuitive development, build the tools and resources needed to embark on a meaningful journey of self-discovery, enhance self-awareness and alleviate tension and stress.
I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW, 2013) and Licensed Addiction Counselor (LAC, 2019). I have been working in the field of mental health for over 10 years, providing support to individuals and family systems suffering from severe mental illness, addiction, and complex trauma histories. I've always gravitated towards holistic healing, and eventually became certified as an Acudetox Specialist (ADS) in 2016, an Angle Reiki Practitioner in 2021, a Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapist in 2022, and a Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist (via Integrative Psychiatry Institute) in 2023. I believe strongly in supporting the inner healing process, and combining evidence-based practices with spiritual insight and alternative modalities. My goal is to provide a safe space for self discovery and ultimately create positive lasting changes in my clients' lives so they can reclaim life's joys again.
Individual Therapy Remote or In-Person (insurance accepted for some services) - for treatment of mental health symptoms and diagnoses. Psychedelic Wellness Programs - individual and couples programs inclusive of ceremony support and integration before and after. Private Retreats - individual, couples and small group custom curated wellness retreats in Colorado.