Jessica Eden, LCSW, LAC, ADS

Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Licensed Addictions Counselor
Arvada CO
I offer a hybrid model of teletherapy and in person support involving preparation, ketamine journeys, and integration. I specialize in working with people who are seeking support for treatment-resistant depression and anxiety, and chronic stress and life dissatisfaction, who want to take a more holistic and spiritually integrated approach to healing. Ketamine journeys can offer a break from the grind of the day to day, and give you a springboard to rebuilding the neural pathways in the brain and building the life you desire. We will develop an integration plan that takes advantage of the neuroplastic window of Ketamine and gives you more joy and presence in life. We will also work with energetic healing of the mind, body and spirit through Acudetox Acupuncture and Reiki, to release unconscious hurts and pain, improve energetic flow through the body, and bring in more ease and balance.
We often view growth as changing into something different, but it is actually about returning to your self. About shedding the layers of defensive self-protection that was built out of the need for survival. Uncovering the buried hurt and emotional pain, the negative core beliefs keeping you from fully living and engaging with life. And rebuilding your relationship with your core self, to come to understand there is nothing wrong with you. That you are whole, and you have everything you need to be your own best healer. But you are not alone in this. My role is assist you and support you on your journey. To provide a safe space for your psychedelic experiences, and help you gain understanding and integrate the insights and unconscious information received during your sessions.
Ketamine-Assisted Therapy: -individual, group or self-led ketamine journeys inclusive of preparation and integration therapy. Acu-Reiki Therapy (women only): Individual or group In-person sessions involving Acudetox Acupuncture and Angel Reiki. Crystal healing and aromatherapy optional. Group Programs: 1) Mindful Relaxation & Rejuvenation with Acudetox: - acupuncture in a group setting with music and guided meditation. Crystal healing and aromatherapy optional. Ear beads/seeds and herbal tea provided after. 2) Unconscious Awakening: - A Therapeutic Integration Group (Virtual and In-person offerings): - therapeutic healing and support surrounding experiences and unconscious insights received during an altered state of consciousness. In-person group receives acudetox acupuncture. Groups enter into a safe and connective space with a guided meditation. Connect with others going through similar experiences and offer/receive support for working through challenging or stressful experiences. 3) Smoking Cessation/Chemical Dependency Recovery: - 4-week group offering support for recovery by helping to reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and improve sleep, mood, and overall well being through acudetox, reiki energy healing, meditation, and stress management skills. Hybrid virtual and in-person. 4) Acu-Reiki Inner Goddess Awakening: - 8 week group for women only to activate their powerful inner goddess and reconnect to their soul self. Individual and group support. Connect with a like-minded community and gain support from others also working towards their best selves. Experience emotional, physical and spiritual healing through releasing energetic and mental blocks, intuitive development, and learning how to follow your purpose. Receive real life skills and connection with others during group circles. Learn how to trust your intuition, manifest your goals and purpose, find inner peace with yourself, and mindfully manage stress and challenges.